Mar 30, 2012

March Madness

Wow, what a wonderful month March has been. Through our instagram (@saboskirt) you can track our daily activities, keep up to date with new arrivals and see exciting news we have to share! This month we showed our instagram followers what we wear to work every day and we even shared our engagement celebrations! Above are only just a few photographs from our instagram, we hope you enjoy seeing more unclose and personal photographs!

Mar 29, 2012

Pretty In Peppermint

Thessy (Crochet Back Tee coming soon to, Museum leather shorts, Triple Cuff Rings, Michael Kors watch, YSL Ring, Novo Heels)

We're so excited to announce that we will start including videos in our blog, so you can see some live movement in our clothing and ourselves. Our first video today will be up shortly, we're still getting used to editing video media and getting used to different programs. None the less, we hope you love our newest form of blogging in additional addition to our normal blogging. Hopefully it gives you all a tiny glimpse into how goofy and silly we are.

Mar 27, 2012

In With The New

Just a few sneak peek shots from our latest new arrival photoshoot with gorgeous Caitlyn. Be prepared for neon overload and get ready for new arrivals. Shop now

Mar 22, 2012

Instagram Madness

Thessy (Mint Pleated Skirt available soon on, SABO SKIRT crochet blouse (coming soon), ASOS ring, Triple gold ring set available soon on, SENSO wedges)

It's getting kind of hard to believe the amount of love and support we are receiving from all around the world. Our instagram statistics are insanely amazing, with Sabo Skirt having over 100000 followers on the super awesome iPhone application. Whatever we do, where ever we go, we always have our iPhones handy to snap a photo to share via instagram. Please know that we appreciate all of the support, you're all truly amazing! On a side note, we had to wipe saliva from the sides of our mouths to stop the drooling over this adorable Sabo Skirt crochet blouse, it won't be too long 'till it's available for your possession.

(Sabo Skirt nstagram username: @saboskirt)

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